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May 2022
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Sara dances ‘Force Displacement’ in Rotterdam

Sara is performing in a new piece “Force Displacement” by Colombian choreographer Raúl Saldarriaga part of One Nights Dance performances organised by Dansateliers in Rotterdam. Check out the trailer!

Moving another body to gain the territory it occupies.
DANCERS: Chiel Brandsema, Sara Cecilia Alba,
Luana Rossetti, Anderson Carvalho, Stella Elena Höttler
CHOREOGRAPHER: Raúl Saldarriaga

One Nights Dance is a project that gives five beginning makers the opportunity to create a small work in a compact period, with guidance, supported by workshops and with the possibility to share thoughts with a dramaturge and amongst the participants. The application is open, but we have selected five makers who were convincing in their motivation to be a maker, clear in their concept, elaborated in their working method and convincing during the selection workshop. The dance makers we have selected are: Daniela Cruz, Eilit Marom, Loïc Perela, Conner Schumacher and Raúl Saldarriaga. One of the makers will be awarded by a Research and Devlopment project in 2013.

Dansateliers is an independent place for dancers and makers to meet and greet in Rotterdam. On a daily base we organise professional dance classes en on a regular base jams and workshops. As a dance work place we offer the possibility to research and investigate, as a production house we produce short and full-length evening works. Every dance maker working under our umbrella, either to conduct a research, or to produce a piece, will be supported on a publicity and production level and will be coached dramaturgically. All tailor-made.


Raúl Saldarriaga is dancer and choreographer. He has won several choreographic prizes in Bogotá, Colombia including the choreographic prize “Localidades Culturalmente Activas” from the Secretaria de Cultura y Turismo for the production of his piece “La Plancha” in 2008. His work has been shown at different Festivals in Colombia and abroad including Experyment Festival in Poland, Festival de Solos y Duetos Venezuela, ACT Festival Bilbao, Spain. In The Netherlands he won an artistic Residence for 2010 at Dansmakers, Amsterdam for the production of “Wolf’s Mouth”. The artistic path of Raúl has evolved not only around dance; he has an education in the Visual Arts as part of his studies in the Arts Pedagogy Program of the Licenciatura en Artes from the Universidad Francisco José de Caldas in Bogotá, Colombia.

Blog of Raúl Saldarriaga (choreographer):