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July 2022
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‘Summer Dance Intensive’ at Studio Anna Mora

Studio Anna Mora invited Sara to teach in July, during a special program called ‘Summer Dance Intensive’. The well facilitated studio of Anna Mora, owned by a wonderful Mexican woman named Anna, is located in the cozy center of Amsterdam. Anna Mora herself guarantees a very warm welcome. The intensive workshop that was organised in July featured a series of dance classes by several teachers. Sara’s class was built up with a first hour of technique and a second hour of improvisation (see full discription below).

Before this summer workshop Sara also had replaced another teacher to give modern dance classes at the studio and also gave some private classes later.

Sara’s Contemporary Dance Technique Class:

The class is built from a mixture of modern and contemporary dance techniques. It includes: Floor Work, Release Technique and Cunningham (curves of the back). The emphasis of this class lays on: relaxation, body awareness and alignment. Students will work on the weight of the body, the use of the proper muscle tone, breathing, continuity of movement and the projection of the body in the space. Different skills are developed related to rhythm, elasticity, flexibility, coordination and body memory.

Sara’s Dance Improvisation Class:
The primary focus of this class is to explore the possibilities of movement. This is achieved in a free and experimental context. Working creatively with movement will allow the students to understand important principles of contemporary dance in a very natural way. Concepts like spatial awareness, spontaneity, alertness (being in the moment), trust, contact and risk will be researched through different assignments, all resulting in a fun practice, highly enjoyed by the students.

Studio Anna Mora
Nieuwe Looiersstraat 21A
1017 VA Amsterdam
020 75 83 255