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July 2022
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School for Life Workshop (Thailand)

DOI SAKET – Sara gave a 4 day workshop to a group of teenage girls in Thailand. It took place at the School for Life, a project to support kids from vulnarable backgrounds with education and improve their future possibilities.

About the School
School for Life Chiang Mai is located in the mountains of Doi Saket in northern Thailand. It provides a home and education to children in difficult circumstances. 120 such children have found a new home here and many more would like to come from around Thailand. The School for Life creates jobs for local people, providing employment in farming, civil works or child care activitie

Teaching at School for Life Thailand

Workshop Report
(translated from german , from the report written by Anne Messemer)
“For four days the School for Life transformed into an lively training camp for contemporary dance. Colombian dance teacher Sara Alba came to the school to introduce 25 pupils between 15-16 years to a different kind of dance. Her professionalism as a dance teacher combined with her latina temperament was an intriging mix that worked out very well. The first day Sara explains: „Contemporary Dance is not ballet, and it is not Hip Hop neither. It is like an art and sport on the dance floor!“

Immediately after she starts the first warm up. The stretch exercises that follow, the cooperation and confidence games, first dance movement figures and he Spanish music arouse the interest of the girls quickly. The change between relaxation and tension, dropping and catching confronts some girls with a hesitation at first. They seem to need to overcome some little obsticals to start to express themselves and their cultural habits and emotions in the dance. After two days we watch astonished how magnificently the adaptation of the most different movements works out for the girls.  We see clearly how sensitive they have become to the rhythm of the latin music too. Sara suggests to make the choreography into a small performance, and this idea seems to please the girls. The last day all pupils and teacher come together to see the 10 minute performance of what they have been woking on. The audience is impressed and repsonses with much laughter and applause.”