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“Force Displacement”

“Selfportrait with Mask”

“Selfportrait with mask” Company Periferic – Sara Alba

“Eternos” by Carmen Werner

“Eternos” Carmen Werner – Sara Alba

“Madame” Company Korpe Danza

“Madame” Company Korpe Danza

“Selfportrait with mask” Company Periferic

Creative director Kostadin Ekzarov’s catchy video of Sara’s workshop at the Flava House in Sofia, Bulgaria 2013 (contemporary dance technique and improvisation).

Video about the classes in Politécnico Grancolombiano University, Bogotá. The University group “Cuerpos de Agua” is participating in the Festival Universitario de Danza Contemporánea organized by the Universities Tadeo Lozano and Nacional de Colombia. The dance piece presented by the Group “Cuerpos de Agua” in the XIII Festival Universitario de Danza Contemporánea and in the II Encuentro de Danza Contemporánea of Politecnico Grancolombiano was born from the idea of some walls that are build to separate the countries and avoid the entrance of other citizens. The piece was created from the feelings and some situations that emerge from the subject of The walls. We experimented with the body, the movement, the dance,the contact, the understanding of the body itself and in relationship with others. Subjects like: safety – threat,side A side B were important too. The Contemporary Dance served to us as bridge to express the sensations, the feelings and the situations that are experienced in a context like this.